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About Lightbox Coworking Port Lincoln

Why Lightbox?

Lightbox Coworking is a flexible space to do business.

Whether you’re in town for

-1 day

– 5 days

-Are interested in a part time 2 day per wk membership

-or full time membership with 24/7 access 

Lightbox fully customises memberships to suit you.

To book in – please email us at hello@lightboxcoworkin.com

We get that whether you’re a small business, freelancer, itinerant worker or corporate game changer, where you do business is important to your productivity.

Lightbox Coworking provides all the benefits of an office space and a vibrant community to boot. We give you the passion-for-work culture and access to all the resources you need to do your best work; all without the commitment or heavy lifting.

With desks available on a casual or full time basis, you’re free to sign up for a level of membership that best suits your business needs so that you can start making your business more brilliant.


All Lightbox Coworking, members have access to a beautiful, business-central location to conduct their work and access to the resources at the level you need. And that means everything; from a purpose built room to host meetings; a desk to work at productively; internet, printing and stationery; coffee on tap and a kitchen to boot. Plus, with the added benefit of a community to tap into, you get none of the dry work-persona and stale water cooler conversations, and more of the cross collaboration and business innovation that bring meaning to what you do.

Access and features are curated to your need based on your membership level, with options for monthly to yearly memberships and the availability to upgrade or cancel at any time.





Our Membership Levels // Further Details

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Download information about Lightbox Events Here

Event Info Download

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To sign up and become a coworking member – please click here