The Collective Hub on ‘Co-working spaces’

You never know who you might come across in a shared work space…

“By their very design, shared working spaces are practically begging for collaboration – and have been the backdrop for many a start-up success story (Instagram, Uber and Indiegogo all began in co-working spots). You’ll just need to be proactive in getting yourself known and snooping out what everyone else is working on. The kitchen and open communal areas (not forgetting nearby coffee haunts) are prime positions to casually strike up conversation with your ‘co-workers’. Even if they’re not the Ben to your Jerry, chances are they’ll know someone who could be.”

The Cusp –  “Coworking spaces are all the rage right now”

“Coworking spaces are all the rage right now as the workforce becomes increasingly digital and freelancers and startups embrace the benefits of collaboration and networking. Yet not all coworking spaces are created equal; some involve just a couple of desks, others are more elaborate affairs with showers, meeting rooms and the ever-popular ping pong table.”